We talk about investing in your people, we also talk about our pricing being transparent – so here is everything you need to know about how much investment in developing your people will cost.

Regardless of the topic of the ‘open course’ we have set prices that are clearly laid out for you. We can also create a totally bespoke event for you for just an extra £100 per person. We want to make the development of your people an investment that you can afford to make, yet still get extremely high quality training with real ‘take-aways’ that people can put in to practice straight away.

We also recognise that the more people within a team that attend the same event, the more consistent the message being brought back to work, therefore the more likely it is to be embedded. That’s why we’ve provided a structure that means the more people you book  on to an event, the more the cost/investment per person reduces. Plus if you host the event yourselves, then you make an even bigger saving! We really have looked at everything to give you the best possible experience for the lowest investment.

Here is our simple pricing structure:

If we provide the venue…

1st Day 2nd Day 3rd Day
6 delegates £450 £400 £350
7th & 8th delegates £405 £765 £1,080
9th & 10th delegates £382.50 £722.50 £1,020
11th & 12th delegates £360 £680 £960

If you provide the venue…

1st Day
(per person)
2nd Day
(per person)
3rd Day
(per person)
£400 £750 £1,050
£360 £645 £945
£340 £637.50 £892.50
£320 £600 £840

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