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We know that we can deliver the best training event possible for you, but we also understand that you won’t have experienced us before, so we would love to offer you a chance to attend a FREE half day Leadership event so you can experience it for yourself. We are confident that you will love it and that you will see the high impact we make, all whilst you are having fun!

We would love you to really experience the magic that we bring to a training event through our use of simulations (like games) that link to the theory (without being too theory heavy) which therefore links to a real return on your investment by bringing home a real business and behavioural change.

We ensure that every training event that we do is full of fun, challenges people’s thinking and has a real ‘take-away’ of how this can be applied in the business world. We bespoke the event to the hospitality industry, so the language used and the conversations we all have are specific to your needs. And most of all we create lasting memories – just ask people that have attended our evets before, they will all remember what they did. How many other training sessions can you say that about? (Not many usually).

However, there is always a serious side to our events, as it’s one thing to enjoy it, but another thing to make a real change occur. We don’t know what change will occur for you personally, as everyone takes something different form the event, and each event is totally different in outcomes. The reason that the outcomes are different, is that we use the simulation (game) to draw out key behaviours from the group. These behaviours will change each time we run the event, as the people in the room are different. We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach, as this rarely works. We change the direction of the training after we run each simulation, to tailor the event as we go, so the event will always match the needs of the people in the room, and everyone will get a key learning or lightbulb moment from attending (even in a half day event).

Please rest assured that this FREE half day Leadership event is not a sales pitch! There will be no hard sell at any point during this event. It is purely a chance for you to see if you like they way we work and see if you think we would add benefit to your team through our outstanding events and style. Plus you can ask any questions you want about the way in which we work and about any of the courses we offer in our Open Courses for Hospitality. Please come along and see what a difference we make and how we could enhance your business.

The way these events work are that we offer every hotel that chance to book one person on to a FREE half day Leadership event. But, we also give you the opportunity to host the event at your venue – as a thank you for hosting this for us, we will give you a bonus two extra bookings for people from your hotel at the event.

Once we have the right numbers for the event to run (minimum of 6, maximum of 12), we then contact everyone and arrange a suitable date. Then away we go – the fun begins! We all have a brilliant half day of engagement, learning and fun!

We would love you to contact us to talk about your needs and to book on to a FREE half day Leadership event. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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