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This diagram gives an outline of how we work and the steps we go through, but as with everything we do, we tailor the exact approach depending on your needs, wants and requirements.

To ensure that everything we do will really enhance your business we conduct a true Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for any work that we partner you in. This won’t always result in an actual ‘Training Need’ despite the name of TNA, as sometimes it can be better defined as a Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) as this doesn’t assume that training is always the answer – therefore our output will be a tangible result for your business.

In order for us to carry out this work with you, we start by understanding exactly what your business needs to achieve and what it aspires to achieve, then we can delve in to the great things you do and find ways to enhance it for you to reach your aspirations. We never predict the results before we have completed this, as this could lead us down the wrong route that wouldn’t benefit you as much as something else could.

The results could identify a variety of solutions such as a one-off training solution, an on-going training event, a change to procedures or policies, a change in culture, looking at the way things are currently done – anything really to help you achieve what you aspire to be and do.

We always look for ways to upskill your people as well so that as a business you can make the change last and easily make it a ‘new way of working’. Everything we do will embed in to your culture to make it realistic and achievable for you and for the future.

We can also partner with you to just complete a TNA/LNA for you to use how you choose to – we of course make some recommendations of what we could do, but we can also work just on this process for you. We can do as much or as little as you want us to do in partnership. We don’t always have to start to the beginning either, as you will potentially have some great tools in place too that we could compliment – through your talent management process or succession planning tools.

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