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We believe that the key to longevity is the approach to how things are rolled out to a business or individual, so we like to create a truly blended approach to our learning solutions. This starts even before the actual learning event with an engaging ‘teaser’ that acts as an invite to the event and gets the interest from the participant.

This also doesn’t finish at the end of the event, as it’s difficult to have an ‘end’ of something that needs to live on to create an actual change. Therefore, we use different types of media before, during and throughout the event such as podcasts, social learning, eLearning, webinars, posters, action learning groups – basically whatever is the right thing for the event.

We utilise business simulations in our classroom events so that people can apply their learning and have easy take aways as a toolkit to take straight back to the business as they have seen how it can be applied practically during the event. This is real return on investment when the learning can be applied immediately. Plus it really shows the transfer of learning happening from the pre-work, through to the event and straight back in to the business.

We can also train your people in anything we use to keep the approach going internally, we base every intervention with a train the trainer option.

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