As we are all aware, restructuring is a very common thing, but unfortunately it can be regarded with fear and has a negative association. We can help to alleviate that by managing the process either for you or with you to ensure the smoothest approach possible.

Enhance & Aspire. We believe in your people.We are able to look at all areas of restructuring with you such as

  • TUPE
  • Redundancy
  • Upskilling
  • Frameworks
  • Competency matching
  • Survivor syndrome

We don’t just look at this as a process, but fully consider the people impact (and not just the people directly impacted – but all the people). Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the fact that a restructure has an impact wider than just the individuals it’s directly focused on, it can have a much wider reach. This can also be linked with ‘survivor syndrome’ (where people feel guilty for either not being impacted directly or getting a new role when their colleagues haven’t), so we consider this impact as well. There can sometimes be a straight forward solution to this such as a teambuilding or problem solving event to help new teams bond and get to know each other so that they reach ‘performing’ as a team more quickly (based on Tuckman’s stages of group development model Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing– as an example), or it could be a more complex and longer term solution to work with everyone to get the business at maximum output as soon as possible, perhaps even linking back to the culture of the business and what needs to happen to launch a new (or refreshed) culture message.

We are happy to have a chat and see how we can help and support you. So contact us now to start our exciting conversation and journey.

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