Every company has a place that it would like to be – the missions and aims of the company is usually how it’s written on paper, and often it can become just that – something that’s written on paper. The objectives and values of the company will often link to this in each person’s appraisal (whether that is for a team or for an individual) and that is how people are measured, but more often than not, there is not a real plan to actual put in place to achieve these goals, just individual links.

Enhance & Aspire. We believe in your people.We work with you to understand exactly what it is you aspire to be, and then create a tangible plan to actually work towards getting you there. The language used is important in this, as it needs to be real and something people understand. That is why we call it ‘what you aspire to be’ as this really means something and can feel very motivational to everyone involved in that journey.

In order to achieve your dream outcome it can sometimes be a hard path to take as sometimes some difficult decisions need to be made and some large changes need to happen. Have you found yourself in this position due to a recent acquisition for example? We are here to help at all stages of this process, whether that be a restructure of departments and functions or a complete culture change or relaunch. We are highly skilled in doing this in partnership with all people affected by this to keep the people motivated, involved, informed and still producing results.

It can also sometimes be the smaller things that can make a real difference to reaching your aspirations. For example, what are new starters saying about your ‘onboarding process’ as this is there first experience of actually working and engaging with you. If you get the onboarding message right, then you have a great chance of getting the rest of the messaging right. A simple change to the ‘onboarding experience’ in regards to how prepared they are and how it makes you stand out will have a major impact on the whole business, as long as everyone else is living and breathing the same message.

Enhance & Aspire. We believe in your people.Another simple area to consider when reaching your aspiration is ‘what are you currently doing with your top performers?’. Having a clear and recognised Talent Management process in place that is transparent for all will also motivate people and aid the retention of your key assets – the people that make it all happen. We specialise in the development of talent management tools (such as 9-box matrix) enabling you to continue on your journey. However, it is just as important that this plan recognises people that aren’t just ‘top talent’ otherwise you could leave out some really valuable people. So by having a truly transparent Talent Management process everyone can be involved in it, even if they don’t aspire to ‘climb the ladder’ but are great performers.

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